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Megan Henwood

Originally from Nova Scotia, Megan first began her journey with yoga at Moksha Yoga Halifax in 2009. She fell in love with hot yoga and the sense of ease it brought to her life. In 2015 she began to dive into her practice at Moksha Yoga Fredericton, coming to the studio nearly everyday sometimes twice… More details


Laura Heffernan

Laura’s love of all things hot and all things Moksha started when she wandered in for her very first class in 2014. Her background in sports growing up gives her a unique perspective when looking and teaching to bodies. Craving a balance between effort and ease, yoga gave her the best of both worlds. In… More details

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Alicia Phillips

Alicia Phillips was born and grew up in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She has a passion for health and wellness and has been trained in Holistic Nutrition, Reiki, Pilates, Yoga and energy healing. She began her journey with Complete body nutrition which specializes in designing customized nutritional information specific to your biochemical uniqueness. Just like no… More details


Adam Flanagan

Adam’s yoga journey began in 2011 when he attended a random class with a friend. He very quickly identified the benefits of yoga on and off his mat. He has studied with Sherry Zac and Coeli Marsh at Halifax Yoga in Vinyasa Power Flow, receiving his 200 RYT in January 2015. With a continued spark… More details


Carolyn Stevens

Originally from Moncton NB, came to Fredericton in 2010 for work. Yoga for me has been a liberation from pain caused by stress, and has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat. It also inspires me to live more mindfully from what is happening day to day to… More details


Heidi Erdle

Heidi’s first experience with yoga was not exactly love at first down dog. She was a national team athlete at the time and decided to try yoga for some gentle recovery. This backfired when she found herself in a hot power flow class drenched in sweat, sitting deep in chair pose, glaring at the teacher,… More details


Jenn Tuttle

Jenn found Moksha Yoga when the studio first opened in 2012. She is a mother of 2 amazing boys, an avid yogi, and a lover of life! Jenn did her training in Montreal in 2014 and has since transitioned to the role of studio owner/director. Health and community facilitation are some of her guiding principles… More details