Heidi Erdle

Heidi’s first experience with yoga was not exactly love at first down dog. She was a national team athlete at the time and decided to try yoga for some gentle recovery. This backfired when she found herself in a hot power flow class drenched in sweat, sitting deep in chair pose, glaring at the teacher, with her arms straining toward the ceiling but realistically barely at a 30 degree angle. “Physically demanding” and “yoga” were not concepts she had previously associated with each other.

At that time in her life she was not ready for things to get challenging on her mat. Fast forward a couple years after Heidi’s retirement from sport, she decided to try yoga again and this time it was a different experience. She had been craving the physicality and the inversions she used to find in wrestling, but had not been able to find them until she came to yoga. And of course, as you may have experienced yourself – along with the physical, Heidi ended up finding a lot more on her mat. She came to fall deeply in love with the practice and wanted to pursue it further. This lead her to taking her YTT in the Baptist Inspired Power Flow (Vinyasa) through Halifax Yoga in 2015.

Heidi brings play and power to her classes. She tends to teach a strong class that is physically challenging and pushes boundaries while making sure there is space and permission for each individual to find what they need from their personal yoga practice.